Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted here.
Quite a bit has been happening since my last posting.
My little sister finally had her baby, a wonderful 7lb 9oz little girl.
I went back to school to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Computer science.
I bought a new bass, and have been thrashin' on that for a while.
The band I was with decided to disband without telling me.
My buddy who's been the drummer in most of my bands since middle school found a guitarist that he jives with well; now if he can only find some time to get away from work long enough to jam...
I haven't been to Lodge in months, and I feel shitty about that, but what with school happening at the same time of day, it's tough to do both.
My daughter Elena turned two on May 6th, but we've been full-swing into the "terrible twos" for almost the entire year now.
I've resolved to get my fat ass back into shape (at least a shape other than round....lol).
Bought a new set of hockey skates, and dug out my old ice hockey gear from my parents' basement with the resolve to get into a league (ok, that happened a little late to get into a league this season but there's always summer league).
I tried to put a hex on the Anaheim Ducks for beating my Canucks last season in the playoffs, but it didn't seem to work very well.
I don't care what anybody says, I still say "Slap Shot" is one of the funniest damn movies ever made ( "puttin' on the foil!").
I got promoted to Account Manager a couple of months ago, which means I don't have to be into work at 5AM anymore, I get my own office, and a (slightly) heavier paycheck. I also work twice as hard...
I'm gonna stand fast behind my Canucks no matter how bad they do this season, however, I don't think they'll do very bad at all this season, despite a long list of injuries and a few other challenges. Roberto Luongo seems to have found his niche with Vancouver, and to be honest, there are times when he's single-handedly carried the team through rough spots, but I guess that's what one does when one is one of the best goaltenders in the NHL.
The wife and I have decided for sure that we're emigrating to Vancouver within the next five years. We're sick and tired of the bullshit and the melodrama, we're sick of lobbyists and corporate special interests that drive our cost of living up but return little to nothing. Life in Canada was better, easier, more affordable, and healthier, so I'm going back.

I know that's not all that 's been going on, but it's pretty close.

I'm also going to try to get back into doing the "My Favorite Canadians" series as well.

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