Thursday, February 8, 2007

In the beginning....

Alrighty then!
This is my first foray into real blogging after having done so for a while with a MySpace blog, so you'll all have to bear with me while I figure things out.
I suppose I ought to introduce myself and explain why I felt the need to start my own blog.

My name is Tyler. I'm a musician, writer and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. Where I live I'm both part of the religious majority and the political minority. No, I'm not a Democrat, but my views are considered "lefty" by the local population, and according to them, that's just as bad as being a member of the Democratic party. I consider myself to be something akin to a social progressive centrist.

I spent my years growing up in this highly conservative state.
I'm married with one child who will be turning two this year. This also has an obvious influence on the way I see our State, our Nation, and our World.
I also spent two years living in Vancouver, British Columbia (western Canada, for the geographically impaired), which also has influenced my views and opinions.

I see many things going on in our society that I feel are fundamentally wrong, many of which I hope to comment on as this blog runs it's course.
I also intend to use this blog as a means discuss some of my hobbies and recreational parts of my life, which include reading, music, ham radio, gadgetry, astronomy, movies and television, my 1967 Ford Mustang and automobiles in general.

We'll see how this takes shape...

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